NeoX Collection Service

If your company regularly makes invoices and collects payments, then you’ll know just how costly and complicated the process can be. From invoicing to arranging direct debits, it can take days of work, and you may also have to pay various expenses before you get the amount that’s due from your debtors.

NeoX has the solution for you with our new NeoX Collection Service!

NeoX can help you reduce costs and simplify your collection procedure by leveraging digital payment solutions and cutting-edge financial technology services.

This short article will describe in more detail our new service offering.

What Is the NeoX Collection Service?

The NeoX Collection Service aims to give customers an easy-to-use digital solution for collecting outstanding debts. You can create an account with us, then use our system to set up an invoice for your debtor. Send the invoice to NeoX, and we will automatically collect payments from the debtors and deposit the amount due in your account.

NeoX processes your invoice and settles payments digitally and automatically. This can help you lower administrative costs associated with sending out invoices and managing incoming payments.

Features of NeoX Collection Service

Other than standard collection services, as detailed above, the NeoX Collection Service will also offer you these additional features.

24/7, Instant Transfer to Bank Account and eWallet

Payments are processed automatically. When an invoice is paid by the debtor and collected by NeoX, the amount will be instantaneously deposited in NeoX’s eWallet.

From there, you can choose to move the money to accounts of more than 40 banks in Vietnam.

VND500 Million Transaction Limit

NeoX is capable of processing individual transactions worth up to VND500 million. As such, the service is highly scalable. NeoX can be used by SMBs (Small-Medium Businesses) and large businesses for settlements of high-value debts.

Payment and Cashflow Management

The NeoX Collection Service offers a full-fledged payment and cash flow management suite for our customers in the form of a data-rich dashboard. You can use it to track all outstanding debts and their status. The dashboard can also be used as a liquidity management tool.

Why You Should Use NeoX Collection Service?

Our mission statement is to help you lower all costs associated with the collection process as much as possible. As such, NeoX offers one of the most competitive service fees on the market. 

Our payment systems—being fully digitalized—also offer us (and you, by extension) an edge over other FinTech platforms. Using our service, you can make, collect, and track payments more conveniently and securely than competitors.

We also take pride in our tailored servicing for clients. Our experienced payment teams can help you keep track of all outstanding bills and aid you through the account receivable collection process.

Nowhere else will you be able to get such personal service!

Make Your Collection Process Easier with NeoX

Getting started with NeoX Collection Service is extremely simple. You only need to sign up for an account on NeoX, fill in your information, and set up an invoice. Follow the prompts appearing on-screen. Our automated systems will take over and do the rest for you.

Ready to outsource and simplify your collection process?

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