NeoX Disbursement Service

Looking for a way to quickly and reliably disburse money to other account payables in Vietnam?

NeoPay’s new product — NeoX Disbursement Service — can help!

NeoX Disbursement Service offers you a single-click disbursement solution. With one tap, you can instantly transfer money to several accounts of all banking systems operating in Vietnam.

No need to bother with setting up multiple clearing connections. No having to deal with invoice reconciliations and other headache-inducing tasks. You can totally outsource disbursement to us.

This short introductory article will tell you all you need to know about the new NeoX Disbursement Service.

What Is the NeoX Disbursement Service?

NeoX Disbursement Service offers a fast, reliable solution for simultaneously making serial payments to many different accounts. Create an account with NeoPay and log into your NeoX eWallet. From there, you can set up payments to as many accounts as you want. And with one tap, our system will automatically and instantly process these transactions for you.

Because NeoX is a fully digital payment service, compared to traditional disbursement services, you’ll have to spend far less on administrative costs.

There’s the time advantage, too: all transactions are processed almost instantaneously, 24/7.

Features of NeoX Disbursement Service

Besides the basic disbursement service we already detailed above, you can also enjoy some additional benefits when choosing NeoX Disbursement Service as your servicer of choice.

24/7, Instant Transfer to 40 Banks in Vietnam

NeoX Disbursement Service can send funds to accounts in 40 bank networks across Vietnam. This means you’ll be able to reach and pay anyone, anywhere, so long that they have a domestic bank account.

It will only take a few seconds for the bank networks to process the transactions and for the funds to show up in the recipient’s accounts.

VND500 Million Transaction Limit

NeoX Disbursement Service is highly scalable. With a transaction limit of up to VND500 million per transaction, any individual and business of all sizes can leverage our service to disburse their funds.

Even for large companies needing to disburse hundreds of employees’ payroll, NeoX Disbursement Service can make it fast and simple!

Payment and Cashflow Management

The NeoX Disbursement Service provides our customers with a comprehensive payment and cash flow management suite. Appearing on our app as a data-rich dashboard, you can use it to manage your liquidity, asset, and financial health.

Why You Should Use NeoX Disbursement Service

At NeoPay, we are committed to helping you reduce costs and complexities surrounding the disbursement process.

Our service rates are some of the most competitive on the market. NeoPay’s digital payment system can offer many advantages over other FinTech platforms. Every transaction you make via our secure payment gateways is fast, reliable, and, most importantly, private.

Doing business has never been easier!

Ready to Simplify Your Disbursement Process with NeoX?

Ready to take the hassle out of your disbursement process?

Sign up for an account on NeoX and start using NeoX Disbursement Service! It’s as easy as filling in your information and setting up all of the accounts you wish to transfer to. Our automated systems will handle the tough portion of the job for you.

Sign up through NeoX today!